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Bernard Roy, Eric Jacquet-Lagreze, Patrice Perny, Roman Slowinski, Daniel Vanderpooten, Philippe Vincke, Denis Bouyssou, D. Bouyssou

Aiding Decisions With Multiple Criteria: Essays in Honor of Bernard Roy (Kluwer International Series on Advances in Database Systems)

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ISBN: 0792376110
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Aiding Decisions With Multiple Criteria: Essays in Honor of Bernard Roy is organized around two broad themes: + Graph Theory with path-breaking contributions on the theory of flows in networks and project scheduling, + Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding with the invention of the family of ELECTRE methods and methodological contribution to decision-aiding which lead to the creation of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA). Professor Bernard Roy has had considerable influence on the development of these two broad areas. Part one contains papers by Jacques Lesourne, and Dominique de Werra & Pierre Hansen related to the early career of Bernard Roy when he developed many new techniques and concepts in Graph Theory in order to cope with complex real-world problems. Part two of the book is devoted to Philosophy and Epistemology of Decision-Aiding with contributions from Valerie Belton & Jacques Pictet and Jean-Luis Genard & Marc Pirlot. Part three includes contributions based on...
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