Обложка книги Apollo Root Cause Analysis - A New Way Of Thinking

Apollo Root Cause Analysis - A New Way Of Thinking

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ISBN: 1883677017;
Издательство: Apollonian Pubns

Apollo Root Cause Analysis is about effective problem solving. It is truly a new way of thinking that will ensure you find an effective solution to almost any kind of problem. You will discover new communication tools that are revolutionizing the way people all around the world think, communicate, and make decisions together. This is a life changing book that will enable you and your organization to effectively communicate without the usual conflicts. Apollo Root Cause Analysis creates a common reality that everyone can see and understand. With this common reality, communications becomes crystal clear for everyone involved. Everyone can clearly see how the solutions will prevent recurrence, are within their control and will accomplish their goals and objectives. Imagine your next meeting without the usual arguments and power politics. Nothing happens without a cause. You will learn more about the cause and effect principle than has ever been documented before. Most notable is the...