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David Hussey, Per Jenster

CBI Series in Practical Strategy, Competitor Analysis : Turning Intelligence into Success (CBI Series in Practical Strategy)

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ISBN: 0471499919, 9780471499916
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
The seminal work of Michael Porter in the 1980s provided a conceptual basis to competitor analysis which has stood the test of time. The emphasis of his work, and of many books by other authors which followed it, has been on the why and what of competitor analysis. David Hussey and Per Jenster's book moves beyond this to the problems faced by organizations in applying the concepts at a practical level. It shows how real companies can use competitor intelligence and analysis in real situations. Threemajor strands are drawn out by this book, which shows how to: obtain competitor information in a legitimate way analyse information so that competitors can be better understood, and strategic options explored develop ways ofachieving competitive advantage which may move the organization ahead of others in the industry This book provides a comprehensive guide for marketing and planning practitioners, managers and management consultants to enable them...
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