Обложка книги Creative Problem Solving: Total Systems Intervention

Creative Problem Solving: Total Systems Intervention


ISBN: 0471930520; 9780471930525;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 268

Creative Problem Solving ? Total Systems Intervention ? Robert L. Flood and Michael C. Jackson Department of Management Systems and Sciences, University of Hull, UK In the modern world organisations are faced with innumerable and multifaceted issues which cannot be captured in the minds of a few experts and solved with the aid of some super-method. It would be equally wrong to revert to a trial and error approach. We need to retain rigorous and formalised thinking, while admitting the need for a range of problem solving methodologies. The future prospects of management science will be much enhanced if (a) the diversity of issues confronting managers is accepted, (b) work on developing a rich variety of problem solving methodologies is undertaken, and (c) we continually ask the question: "What kind of issue can be ?managed? with which sort of methodology?" This volume, Creative Problem Solving: Total Systems Intervention, amounts to the bringing together of a huge...