Обложка книги Critical Thinking: Strategies for Decision Making (50 Minute Books)

Critical Thinking: Strategies for Decision Making (50 Minute Books)

ISBN: 1560526483;
Издательство: Crisp Publications

By learning the critical thinking strategies outlined within this book, you will make effective decisions based on careful evaluation, develop the best solutions to problems, identify key issues without getting sidetracked, and use critical thinking to write and speak with impact. It?s easy to fall into "thinking traps" such as emotional manipulation, deceptive reasoning and lazy thinking. This book will teach you how to identify and avoid these traps, and how to deal with them when you encounter them within yourself or your organization. You will also be introduced to different styles of critical thinking, and how each works to deepen your understanding of the facts and information you have. Learning Objectives: To explain the differences between critical and non-critical thinking. To teach strategies for improving the thinking necessary to make effective decisions at work. To help readers understand how to evaluate the validity of arguments. To describe the role that...

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