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Jennifer J. Helpern, Robert N. Stern, Jennifer J. Halpern

Debating Rationality: Nonrational Aspects of Organizational Decision Making (FRANK W PIERCE MEMORIAL LECTURESHIP AND CONFERENCE SERIES)

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ISBN: 0801433789
Издательство: Cornell University Press
"Debating Rationality is a terrific collection of essays written by an obviously first rate set of scholars. Several recent books have attempted to make similar points, but this volume pushes the ideas in new directions, rather than simply restating whatare now established themes."--Roderick M. Kramer, co-author of Trust in Organizations Decision makers strive to be rational. Traditionally, rational decisions maximize an appropriate return. The contributors to this book challenge the common assumption that good decisions must be rational in this economic sense. They emphasize that the decision-making process is influenced by social, organizational, and psychological considerations as well as by economic concerns. Relationships, time pressure, external demands for specific types of performance, contractual expectations, human biases, and reactions to unfair treatment alter the decision-making context and the resulting decision outcomes. Contributors: MAX BAZERMAN, Northwestern...
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