Обложка книги Decisions and Organizations

Decisions and Organizations

ISBN: 0631168567;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers

For over 30 years, James March has provided perhaps the most profound, sustained and innovative contribution to the field of organizational theory. His work on the nature and process of decision-making in organizations has come to dominate contemporary understanding of not only this issue, but the workings of organizations generally. This book collects together for the first time over 20 of James March's key essays, including those co-authorized with R.M. Cyert and J.P. Olsen and others. The coverage ranges from his early work on the behavioural theory of the firm, through conflict and adaptive rules in organizations, to decision-making under ambiguity (including the famed 'garbage can' model). The book includes a new introduction, summarizing the development of the author's work and ideas up to the present day.