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Denis Bouyssou, T. Marchant, T. Pirlot, P. Perny, A. Tsoukias, P. Vincke, Kluwer

Evaluation and Decision Models - A Critical Perspective (International Series in Operations Research and Management Science Volume 32)

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ISBN: 0792372506
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
The purpose of Evaluation and Decision Models: A Critical Perspective is to provide a critical thinking framework for all individuals utilizing decision and evaluation models, whether it be for research or applications. It is axiomatic that all evaluation and decision models suffer some limitations. There are situations where a decision model will not perform to expectations. This book argues that there is no best decision or evaluation model, but that decision-makers must understand the principles of formal evaluation and decision models and apply them critically. Hence, the book seeks to deepen our understanding of evaluation and decision models and encourage users of these models to think more analytically about them. The authors work in six different European universities. Their backgrounds are varied: mathematics, economics, engineering, law, and geology, and they teach in engineering, business, mathematics, computer science, and psychology in their universities. As a group,...
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