Обложка книги Executive Strategy : Strategic Management and Information Technology

Executive Strategy : Strategic Management and Information Technology

ISBN: 047138402X; 9780471384021;
Издательство: Wiley

A modern theory of executive strategy for the information age The information revolution has radically transformed virtually every aspect of business today. Yet, no book has fully addressed its impact on strategic management-until now. In ExecutiveStrategy: Strategic Management and Information Technology, Frederick Betz builds on his pioneering work concerning the management of technical innovation to explore the powerful relationship between traditional strategic management and today's computer and communications technologies. By adapting established strategy-related concepts and processes to the strategic management challenges faced by companies in the information age, this book offers readers the background they need to guide processes ranging from the creation of strategic business models and the development of comprehensive planning scenarios to the strategic management of business diversi?cation and the formulation of information strategy. Concepts are...

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Written by technology management pioneer Fredrick Betz,