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Rhoda Makoff, Jeffrey Makoff

Get Off the Fence! : The 10 + 1 Steps to Help You Make That Big Decision

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ISBN: 0757300510
Издательство: Health Communications
It's easy enough to tell ourselves "Don't sweat the small stuff," but let's get real-it's not all "small stuff."Sometimes we have to face tough decisions. Should we move to a different city? Get a divorce? Change religions? Terminate life support? Quit our jobs? Have children? Get Off the Fence! covers all of these life-transforming decisions, and much more. This is not an ivory tower textbook on decision theory-it's a step-by-step handbook for guiding people through the process of making difficult choices. Mother/son authors Rhoda and Jeffrey Makoff bring years of personal and professional experience to the table-they have made hundreds of "big decisions"in their successful careers and counseled thousands of people through difficult choices. The Makoffs present ten steps to effective decision-making, but they also recognize another essential component-the role of emotional issues in making the best decision possible. This crucial eleventh step is where the "gut," "heart" or...
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