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Deborah C. Sawyer

Getting it Right: Avoiding the High Cost of Wrong Decisions

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ISBN: 1574442287
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press
In the rush to make decisions, many business professionals overlook an invaluable resource... one that could mean the difference between overwhelming success and outrageous failure.Readily available information is becoming the key factor behind better decision-making-especially as businesses prepare for the 21st century.Getting it Right: Avoiding the High Cost of Wrong Decisions is the first book to link information and decision making as a single powerful tool. Drawn from Deborah C. Sawyer's 20+ years of research to support business decisions, she now invites readers to consider and learn decision-making strategies once known only to a few professionals.Going behind the scenes, Sawyer leads you through a review of recent and past business decisions. Some were disasters-others were triumphs. In each case, Sawyer can show you where information would have prevented catastrophe-and how it ensured success.Also noting the many situations that keep recurring in business and industry today,...