Обложка книги Graphical Belief Modeling

Graphical Belief Modeling

ISBN: 0412066610;
Издательство: Chapman & Hall/CRC

This innovative volume explores graphical models using belief functions as a representation of uncertainty, offering an alternative approach to problems where probability proves inadequate. Graphical Belief Modeling makes it easy to compare the two approaches while evaluating their relative strengths and limitations.The author examines both theory and computation, incorporating practical notes from the author's own experience with the BELIEF software package. As one of the first volumes to apply the Dempster-Shafer belief functions to a practical model, a substantial portion of the book is devoted to a single example--calculating the reliability of a complex system. This special feature enables readers to gain a thorough understanding of the application of this methodology.The first section provides a description of graphical belief models and probablistic graphical models that form an important subset: the second section discusses the algorithm used in the manipulation of graphical...