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Zelma Barinov Ph.D, Zelma, Ph. D Barinov, Ph. D Zelma Barinov

How to Make Instant Decisions and Remain Happy & Sane: Using Your Inner Compass

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ISBN: 0966107187
Издательство: Access Press (WA)
This is the first book that teaches the reader how to decide instantly in today's complex world of rapid change. It reveals that you are custom-designed to make instant decisions. It shows how to decide instantly and also check instantly whether your decision is on the right track. Discover how to a/ get instant warnings when your decision could harm your health or finances, b/ know which decision is right for you, c/create your personal window into the future, d/ successfully use your "gut feelings" andintuition, e/ use your emotions to support sound decisions, f/ stop worrying about making wrong decisions, g/ key into nonverbal communication, h/benefit immediately from your mistakes.
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