Обложка книги Information Management: The Organizational Dimension

Information Management: The Organizational Dimension

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ISBN: 0198257600;
Издательство: Oxford University Press

This volume is a sequel to Information Management: The Strategic Dimension (OUP, 1988), a book which was well received by managers and academics alike. The purpose of this book is to take an informed, dispassionate and constructive look, based on research, at the challenges of IT and to offer insight, analysis and guidance on the ever changing IT environment, focusing in particular on managerial and organizational issues. These include centralization versus decentralization, relations between users and specialists, managing the IS function, outsourcing versus internal capabilities, project management and systems implementation, and an assessment of Business Process Re-engineering at both the conceptual and empirical level. The book provides an authoritative overview and helpful diagnosis of current information management challenges by some of the leading information systems researchers in Europe and the USA. The volume will be essential reading for IT researchers, management...

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