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Innovation Styles

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ISBN: 1886806195;
Издательство: Wilson Learning Corp

Innovation is about the creation and implementation of new ideas. Everyone is creative-but we are creative in different ways. Your innovation style represents your habit or preference about how you approach a problem or issue. Understanding that styles may be different makes it possible for individuals to become more versatile in how they approach creative tasks. By appreciating and valuing others' approaches to innovation, you can more effectively present your ideas. And teams and work groups are able to generate a much broader range of options when they appreciate and use each other's styles of innovation. "Innovation Styles" is a self-assessment questionnaire that helps identify a person's preferred approach to creative thinking. Each style contributes valuable ideas, and everyone gains by using all four styles to generate a wider range of options. After answering a series of questions, you will create a graphic that shows what kind of information input you prefer and how you...

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