Обложка книги Introduction to Groupware, Workflow, and Workgroup Computing

Introduction to Groupware, Workflow, and Workgroup Computing


ISBN: 0471029467; 9780471029465;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 400

The most comprehensive, practical introduction yet! Everything managers need to know to make groupware work for their organizations. This book is required reading for anyone involved with the planning and development of their organization's collaborative computing systems. It provides executives, organizational planners, and departmental managers with a straightforward introduction to the concepts, terminology, and technologies of groupware and explores the many strategic advantages that groupware, workflow, and workgroup computing have to offer virtually any type of organization or enterprise. At the same time, it arms systems administrators and developers with proven approaches to groupware system design, and offers expert guidance on how to tailor versatile, cost-efficient groupware systems to the varying needs of the groups they serve: * The most timely, comprehensive review of the full range of groupware options currently in print * Covers...

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