Обложка книги Learning Theory in the Practice of Management Development

Learning Theory in the Practice of Management Development


ISBN: 1567200524;
Издательство: Quorum Books

The workplace is the ideal environment for tying together management theory and practice and yet, classes in many regular management development programs are conducted away from the work site, and class sizes are so large that individual instruction is difficult to achieve. In this book, the authors seek effective ways to merge theory with workplace practice, and advocate the modular preceptor method whereby participants work together in dyads and triads with a preceptor acting as advisor and instructor.Unlike traditional management development programs which do not usually lead to behavior changes, the modular preceptor model has behavior change as the basic aim. Participants can remain at work while experiencing individualized learning, developing problem solving skills, and acquiring new knowledge which can be immediately applied to work situations. This book also analyzes the behavioral sciences as they have impacted philosophies of learning and techniques of instruction of...