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Derick W. Brinkerhoff, Benjamin Crosby

Managing Policy Reform: Concepts and Tools for Decision-Makers in Developing and Transitioning Countries

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ISBN: 1565491424
Издательство: Kumarian Press
Managing Policy Reform offers concepts and tools to navigate the "how" of policy change, in order to enhance democratic governance. The authors base their book on experience in more than 40 countries, from regional to national and local levels, with government officials, private sector entrepreneurs, and civil society groups, as part of the USAID Implementing Policy Change project. This comprehensive book provides lessons for decision-makers on improving the effectiveness of policy implementation, strategies to increase the implementation feasibility of reform, and to foster stronger links between democratic governance and policy management. It includes tools for designing, managing, and influencing policy reforms in government, donor agencies, NGOs, civil society groups and the private sector.