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David Covey

Mind Your PS & Qs

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ISBN: 0595277543
Издательство: iUniverse
It is humans who have to change the way they work in order to improve quality for customers. Improvement models tend to concentrate on the area to be improved, failing to provide a cohesive framework for the humans who have to implement themA Mind Your Ps & Qs is a concise handbook that fills the gaps left by the models. The advice offered is pragmatic, and does not shy away from the problems that will have to be faced in order to ensure success; specifically that everyone in the organization has their part to play. The author uses various A?PsA? and A?QsA? by way of illustrating what has to be done to successfully implement improvements. There are role-specific A?PsA? and A?QsA?, as well as five that are vital to all improvement programs of whatever type: A· Prepare A· Quantify A· Preach Quality A·...