Обложка книги Organizational Troubleshooting

Organizational Troubleshooting

ISBN: 156720046X;
Издательство: Quorum Books

Believing that much of the popular management writings are sensationalistic and shallow and that the academic writing has substance but little practicality, Nelson bridges the gap and translates academic thinking into clearly articulated, useful methods to identify problems in organizations and seek workable solutions. His book explores organizational dysfunctions and pathologies neglected by both scholars and the popular business press, and proves that with the timely use of diagnostic techniques and the application of simple theories, risks and opportunities--that might lurk unseen in an organization--can be uncovered and capitalized upon. Readable, well documented, with step-by-step instructions for all of the quantitative techniques he presents, Dr. Nelson's book will be an important addition to the practical literature on management and will give academics new ways to train students of management in the day-to-day methods of running a business.