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John Hagel III, John, III Hagel, John Seely Brown

Out of the Box: Strategies for Achieving Profits Today & Growth Tomorrow Through Web Services

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ISBN: 1578516803, 9781578516803
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
Managers today are understandably skeptical of the promises of new technologies. During the 1990s, vendors of both enterprise applications and Internet platforms promised enormous benefits. Companies invested large sums, but the benefits either failed tomaterialize, or came at a high price. Managers sacrificed flexibility and struggled to collaborate with business partners?a crippling disadvantage in today?s marketplace. Now, leading business strategist John Hagel III has a refreshing message for managers burned by over-hyped technologies, yet pressured to find innovative ways to deliver more value with fewer resources. He focuses on a new generation of technology?known as Web services. This technology connects existing IT platforms in more automated and flexible ways, leading to much lower operating costs. The premise is practical and devoid of "change the world" promises. That very pragmatism, says Hagel, will drive enterprises to adopt it. In this book, he...