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Katherine Kline

Playmaker: A New Concept of Leadership in the Post-Newtonian Age, A dissertation

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ISBN: 0966872703
Издательство: Vidan Press
Sick of bosses who don't recognize your talents? Wonder how to find a better work environment where your abilities at problem-solving are more appreciated? Learn about a new kind of leadership that supports collaboration and takes its model from sports. This dissertation by Dr. Katherine Kline is recommended for those in organizations who want to understand how to be more effective managers and is a guide to locating the most appropriate job where creativity finds a supportive authorizing environment. From interviews with professional and amateur coaches, television sports commentators, sports writers and a study of Carlos Valderrama, one of the world's greatest soccer playmakers, certain characteristics emerge. Two other case studies of effective playmakers are described : A top administrator and former high-level city official and the parent chair of a newly established school-based planning committee.
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