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Norman Lofts

Process Visualization: An Executive Guide to Business Process Design

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ISBN: 0470831979, 9780470831977
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Playing With Processes Is Serious Business Executives often make huge investments in technology and change initiatives without truly knowing what they will be getting, or how new processes will impact the business. And if business processes are not right from the beginning, then the people and technologies involved in the change— perhaps even the business itself— risk failure. Process Visualization provides a proven, effective, and step-by-step method for senior managers and executives to get change right from the beginning by visualizing the end-to-end business processes that drive supply chains and value chains. Using the methods of Participative Theatre, Process Visualization brings processes to life like a movie or a play. Business-led and not technology-driven, this guide gives executives an innovative approach to "experiencing" processes that can't really be seen. It allows non-technical managers to simulate and experiment with new...