Обложка книги Radical Process Change : A Best Practice Blueprint (CBI Fast Track)

Radical Process Change : A Best Practice Blueprint (CBI Fast Track)

ISBN: 0471486302; 9780471486305;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

In an environment where change is an essential part of an organisation's make-up, this book deals with how to successfully implement radical, process-based change. The key word is 'radical' in that incremental change initiatives fail to adequately keep pace with the rapidly evolving business environment. Another key element of focus is that successful change requires sign-up from everyone in the organisation, and not just a forced top-down approach from senior managers. The author innovatively makes repeated use of two main case examples to illustrate exactly the evolution required for effective process-based change. This is combined with clear signposting via axioms for change, benchmarking checklists, and chapter summaries. Focused on turning theory into effective practice, this book will be particularly appealing to owner-managers of SMEs, as well as middle to senior managers struggling with change implementation programmes within their own companies.