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Dennis Sherwood

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Manager's Guide to Applying Systems Thinking

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ISBN: 185788311X
Издательство: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Following the groundbreaking work of such best-sellers as The Fifth Discipline and The Living Company, SEEING THE FOREST FOR THE TREES delivers the tools and techniques to make systems thinking a part of daily decision making to solve complex problems ofbusiness and organizational life. For organizations large and small?whether for-profit, not-for-profit, or in the public sector?Dennis Sherwood makes clear that systems thinking is far from being only for scholarly and academic thinkers. Profoundly practical and pragmatic, he covers the gamut of everyday applications, spotlighting how his Systems Thinking Toolkit can help: *manage ?stars? *grow a business smoothly and continuously *build teamwork and leadership *resolve cross-boundary conflict *develop robust business strategies *design policies for major social problems such as global warming