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Arun Maira

Shaping the Future: Leadership through Communities of Aspiration in India and Beyond

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ISBN: 0471479195
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
As with any other emerging nation, India has the potential to become an economic powerhouse. But for decades, the country has been perceived as a huge but inapt state, facing severe economic and organizational challenges. Many problems curtail the progress of this nation. Besides a labyrinthine bureaucracy, economic poverty, an exploding population rate and a crumbling infrastructure, one of the areas in which growth has been hampered is leadership. When multinational corporations are investing, the challenges multiply, as the companies often do not have either the patience or the proper leadership techniques for dealing with the unique problems of the country. Rarely, though, are the governments leaders applying the best techniques, either. As the worlds business climate globalizes and national economies become closely affiliated, India looms today as one of the largest countries in the world to embrace this evolution. Dovetailed with a huge appetite for infrastructure and a...