Обложка книги Short-Term Decisions Equal Long-Term Disasters

Short-Term Decisions Equal Long-Term Disasters

ISBN: 0595286984;
Издательство: iUniverse

SHORT-TERM DECISIONS equal LONG-TERM DISASTERS by Craig D. Allen, CFA, CFP, CIMA is an instruction manual for dealing with day to day decisions in a structured and constructive manner. This book does not espouse one specific solution to any problem. Rather, it proposes a systematic framework of decision-making, intended as a guide to help you solve your own problems through deliberate analysis and positive change. As the author states, “I see this book as a life manual, intended to guide youin your quest to get what you want out of life and to feel good about yourself in the process.” Too often, our natural tendencies drive us to look for a “quick fix” solution to a given problem that provides us with the most attractive, short-term benefit. As the author states: “What I will propose in this book is that human behavior tends to favor making decisions based on obtaining short-term benefits which rarely result in the person attaining their...