Обложка книги Smart Things to Know About Six Sigma

Smart Things to Know About Six Sigma

ISBN: 1841124338; 9781841124339;
Издательство: Capstone

Six Sigma is a target for operational performance and the name originates from the statistical term that uses the lower case Greek letter to mean standard deviation. If you improve the sigma (or standard deviation) of any process you are in effect reducing failure or defect rate of that process. But don’t let this description put you off. Six Sigma has long left its precise definition behind. It has now turned into a generic term – one which denotes the disciplined and relentless pursuit of higher levels of quality and lower levels of cost. And with companies such as GE, Honeywell, Texas and Polaroid claiming to have delivered financial benefits of more than $1 billion it’s easy to see why Six Sigma is growing at a phenomenal rate - across all sectors and geographies. In Smart Things to Know about Six Sigma Andrew Berger shows managers and execs how to bridge the gap between the theory and the practical applications of Six Sigma. Berger offers a unique...