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Ken Langdon

Smart Things to Know About, Smart Things to Know About Decision Making

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ISBN: 1841121452, 978-5-699-22690-0, 9781841121451
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
We go through life every day making decisions - some of which we don't even think about. "Hmmm I'll have that cup of coffee now." This type of decision didn't take much thought process and it wasn't a difficult one. Many decisions we make in our businesslives are much the same - we don't think twice about many of the things we do. But we should. So how do we know which issues we should or shouldn't analyse before making a decision, and how do we go about making the decision? Smart Things to KnowAbout Decision Making takes a look at all types of decisions we must make, from the mundane to the insane. Smart decision-makers have the guts to size up a situation, look at the alternatives and decide. They alleviate the risk by using a process to come to the best decision. Smart Things to Know About Decision Making reveals a five step process to help make successful decisions: — Preparing to decide - Define the purpose and take a preliminary look at the...