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Keith Brody, Sancha Dunstan

The Great Telecoms Swindle : How the collapse of WorldCom finally exposed the technology myth

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ISBN: 1841124672, 9781841124674
Издательство: Capstone
"Anyone who tries to point a finger at a single group is not being fair." Jack Grubman, Salomon Brother analyst in testimony to a US Congressional committee investigating the fall of WorldCom "Bernie Ebbers didn't know anything about Scott Sullivan's decision to reallocate expenses on WorldCom's balance sheets." Reid Weingarten, attorney for Mr. Ebbers, at the same hearings "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" John Lydon, San Franciso, 1978 "The headlines that you expect to find in the business section are suddenly front-page news in national papers, at times on an almost daily basis. The WorldCom scandal, in the wake of the Enron crisis, has seen western political leaders including both Blair and Bush elevate mattersrelated to the market's crash into issues of national priority. Suddenly, the collapse of the telecoms sector is on everyone's lips. But unlike many business scandals, The Great Telecoms Swindle almost certainly affects...
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