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Tom Logsdon

The Midas Touch: Polishing Your Creative Problem-Solving Skills So Everything You Touch Turns into Pure Gold

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ISBN: 0595149375
Издательство: iUniverse
Simple, creative solutions can be worth more than gold. And all of us can learn how to become more creative. All we have to do is master and use the six specific thought processes or "winning strategies" creative individuals instinctively employ when they make major breakthroughs. In this book those winning strategies are arranged on the arc of creativity, which forms the organizing structure for the six middle chapters. The first chapter tells you how to get yourself into the proper frame of mind to become more creative, how to surround yourself with supportive people, and how to persuade them to help you polish and perfect your midas-touch solutions. Each of the six middle chapters opens with a description of a billion-dollar breakthroughmade by a single individual armed with one simple, creative solutioon. The next part describes the specific thought process ("winning strategy") that individual used, and the last part explains how you can use that same thought...