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Christopher Hoenig

The Problem Solving Journey: Your Guide for Making Decisions and Getting Results

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ISBN: 0738202800
Издательство: Project Management Institute
An indispensable guide to the adventure of problem solving, with practical insights from the worlds of business, government, science, medicine, law, and the arts. In an economy where knowledge is power, no one can expect to succeed without the ability to solve problems-to gather information, weigh options, make decisions, and take effective action. Drawing from his practical expertise in information management, Chris Hoenig offers a hands-on guide to the art and science of problem solving-featuring examples of successful problem solvers such as Colin Powell and Lou Gerstner, and leading organizations as diverse as VISA, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and NASA. Using a wide variety of diagnostics, self-assessment tools, and other interactive elements,Hoenig helps you identify your own problem-solving profile and navigate the six dimensions of the problem-solving journey, from "creating the mindset" to "delivering the results." For executives and entrepreneurs, front-line...
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