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Michael A. Hitt, Patricia Gorman Clifford, Robert D. Nixon, Kevin P. Coyne

The Strategic Management Series, Dynamic Strategic Resources: Development, Diffusion and Integration

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ISBN: 0471625337, 9780471625339
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Since the early 1980s it has been recognized that a firms resources, capabilities and competencies help it gain a competitive advantage, that in turn produces higher performance. This resource-based view of the firm has been an important development in the field of strategic management. It explains why some organizations perform better than others and shows that leveraging, both tangible and intangible, resources is necessary to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Bringing together contributions from multiple perspectives this book examines the management of strategic resources. First, the book discusses resource strategy and firm performance ? how resources lead to competitive advantage and how firm resources interplay with the firm strategy to produce specific outcomes. Second, it addresses the development, commitment and governance of firm resources ? how firms develop critical resources, including the especially difficult development of intangible resources such as...