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John A. Warden III, Leland A. Russell

Winning in FastTime: Harness the Competitive Advantage of Prometheus in Business and Life

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ISBN: 0971159149
Издательство: Venturist Publishing
Developed at warp-speed and designed for overwhelming victory, the Desert Storm air campaign lit up the skies of Baghdad and changed strategic thinking forever. Now, John Warden - architect of the Desert Storm air campaign - and his partner, organizational consultant Leland Russell, have applied this proven approach to success to another kind of intense competition: the fast-changing world of 21st century business. Understand why the Prometheus Process is vital in today's world of crisis. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf gave a ringing endorsement to John Warden?s new book, Winning in FastTime, with co-author Leland Russell. David Halberstam?s new book, War in a Time of Peace, suggested Col. Warden should have been on the cover of Time following the Gulf War The system - Prometheus - is a mindset and a method for rapid, decisive strategic action. Its essence is simple: think strategically, focus sharply and move quickly. Leaders and managers of...