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Jennifer Wood

Everything You Want : Understanding consumers, brands and communications

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ISBN: 1841120197, 9781841120195
Издательство: Capstone
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionEverything You Want is a provocative guide to consumers, brands and marketing communication designed to help marketing managers unlock the secrets of the new branded consumer. The book argues that to do this we must reflect on the imbalanced relationship between us and the stuff we buy. Describing the invention of shopping and the rise of the branded consumer, Everything You Want shows how brand marketing has shaped consumers' perceptions, behaviour and identity and how this is changing. It bridges the gap between consumer fact (our experience of shopping) and brand fiction (the tall stories that brands tell us about their products or services). Everything You Want is designed to help the reader understand more about both the process and culture of brand marketing by taking new perspectives on an undulating brandscape of identity, aspiration and culture. Everything You Want's arguments are informed as much by philosophies that are opposed to traditional...
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