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T. A. Brown

Business Security: Over 50 Ways To Protect Your Business!

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ISBN: 0974343897
Издательство: Crary Pubns
Год издания: 2004
Book Description? Do you know how to prevent sexual harassment lawsuits? ? Are you prepared to handle the aftermath of a robbery? ? Does employee domestic violence affect your workplace? ? Could your employees be stealing from you? ? Do you have problems collecting judgments owed you? ? How will your employees respond in a hostage situation? ? Is your business vulnerable to fraud? ? Did you know that approximately 60% of temporaryemployees have criminal histories? T. A. Brown, freelance writer and researcher, has brought together a compilation of over 50 articles written by skilled security experts worldwide on topics that offer solutions to the above questions as well as a wide range of other security issues. These experts include retired FBI, military, and law enforcement officers as well as private investigators, lawyers, and security consultants. Business Security is a handy educational tool that...
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