Обложка книги A Good Man in Africa : A Novel (Vintage International)

A Good Man in Africa : A Novel (Vintage International)

ISBN: 1400030021;
Издательство: Vintage
Страниц: 352

Amazon.comMorgan Leafy had high hopes when he first headed out to the small African nation of Kinjanja to serve as Her British Majesty's representative. But once there, Leafy's dreams of professional advancement and personal happiness soon fade: this sonof an airport catering manager finds himself overtaken on the career ladder by other, newer recruits to the diplomatic corps who come from the right family and attended the right schools. What's worse, the girl of his dreams has just become engaged to someone younger, thinner, and better connected. And if all this weren't enough to make a career civil servant miserable, Leafy is also being blackmailed by a representative of one of Kinjanja's many political parties who has presented him with a puzzling task: get to know the Scottish medical doctor at a local university. Author William Boyd has written about Africa before, most notably in his bestselling novel Brazzaville Beach . In A Good Man in Africa , Boyd spins a...

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