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Allyn Freeman

The Leadership Genius of Alfred P. Sloan : Invaluable Lessons on Business, Management, and Leadership for Today's Manager

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ISBN: 0071457968
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Год издания: 2005
Book Description Alfred P. Sloan’s proven principles for success, completely updated for today’s business professional Legendary General Motors CEO and visionary business leader Alfred P. Sloan created the breakthrough organizational and marketing approaches that have become the models for all large companies to the present day. The Leadership Genius of Alfred P. Sloan helps you to apply Sloan’s timeless principles to your own organization, distilling lessons from top companies across a wide range of industries (IBM, Federated,Trader Joe’s) that are effectively implementing the concepts. Sloan has been immortalized by such management gurus as Peter Drucker in his own books. “Sloan is as important today as he was in the past century. . . .This book captures the essence of [his] pioneering achievements.” —Peter M. Thompson, former President and CEO of Pepsi-Cola International
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