Обложка книги A Practical Guide to Call Center Technology

A Practical Guide to Call Center Technology

ISBN: 1578200946;
Издательство: Publishers Group West

· How to choose the best call center tools and systems · How to get the most out of ACDs (automatic call distributors) and other complex systems in order to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales · Includes three ready to use RFPs (request for proposals) for buying an ACD, computer telephony system, or recording and analysis solution Phone calls and emails from customers are not just "events"; they are significant milestones in customer relationships. This book presents a roadmap showing you how to significantly improve customer relationships - whether via phone, mail, fax, email, or Web - by making the best use of call center technology. You'll discover how to navigate the business, technical, and financial issues in building and managing a customer contact center. The book shows you how to foster enhanced customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost, and how to make the call center an engine of business growth by using technology to up-sell and generate...