Обложка книги Common Sense on the Information Revolution and Your Job

Common Sense on the Information Revolution and Your Job


ISBN: 097230200X;
Издательство: Lake House Publishing

John Murdock and Terry Crum ask this important question: How will your job be done in five years? The only thing certain in business is change. And change is occurring faster and faster, spurred by information technology. How can managers do their usual jobs and also keep up with changes in technology? The authors have good news for overwhelmed managers: you don?t need to study the details of technology to join in the information revolution. Instead, leave to "Information Technologists" all concerns about how technology works. Your better role is to use your deep understanding of your business to decide what technology should be used to do. Through directed observation and ordinary common sense, you can become an "Information Manager," one who knows how information is used in your business and how to optimize that use. This book is about information, not technology. It is the place where business managers and technology specialists find common ground. It is...