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David Moschella

Customer-Driven IT: How Users Are Shaping Technology Industry Growth

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ISBN: 1578518652, 9781578518654
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
Will e-commerce ever really take off? What will it take to make online advertising work? Will we ever be able to vote online? Questions about the Internet's true potential have been echoing across the IT landscape since the dot-com bubble burst. Will theInternet's full promise ever be realized? Noted industry forecaster David Moschella says it will- because the main source of IT innovation and progress has fundamentally changed. In this visionary book, Moschella predicts that it will be the effectiveness of IT customer leadership that will determine the future prospects for the information technology industry. Customer-Driven IT describes the shift from a supplier- to a customer-led IT industry. It explains why even the most powerful IT vendors simply can't address most of the key opportunities and challenges the industry now faces-but how IT customers and their industries increasingly can. Moschella explores the concept of a customer-driven IT industry...