Обложка книги Cyber Business : Mindsets for a Wired Age

Cyber Business : Mindsets for a Wired Age

ISBN: 0471956058; 9780471956051;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 256

Cyber Business Mindsets for a Wired Age Cyber Business has arrived ? and everyone is involved. Terms like "virtual organisation" and "management by wire" are now being taken extremely seriously. So do you know what they mean? Or will you be left behind? From PC to Virtual Community The world of Cyber Business starts with the PC on your desk, takes in the Internet and virtual reality, and even flirts with science fiction. Across the world, millions already communicate by computer. Cyberspace ? the world of electronic information ? is a new frontier waiting to be explored. What does it all mean for you? Think back just a few years to a time before fax and e-mail. How on earth did we get anything done? Now think forward a few years. Don?t be fooled into thinking that the computer revolution is over. The best is yet to come. A Mindset for the Future As Cyber Business developments gather momentum, the divide between man and machine will continue to blur. Already...