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Jill Dyche, Jill Dyche

e-Data: Turning Data into Information with Data Warehousing (Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series)

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ISBN: 0201657805
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
Over the last ten years, the use of detailed data has changed the face of business, and data warehouses have enabled this change. Now widely acknowledged for their role in the delivery of decision support and business intelligence applications, today's data warehouses are increasingly at the hub of such burgeoning strategic initiatives as e-commerce, knowledge management, database marketing, and customer relationship management. So it's more critical than ever that executives, managers, and anyone involved in corporate decision making understand the fundamentals of data warehousing, and differentiate the roles it plays in existing business practices as well as new strategic initiatives. Written especially for these business professionals, e-Data: Turning Data into Information with Data Warehousing covers data warehousing and its surrounding technologies in a straightforward and engaging way, illustrating how companies are leveraging their data warehouses to serve a wide range of...