Обложка книги Heterogeneous Information Exchange and Organizational Hubs

Heterogeneous Information Exchange and Organizational Hubs

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ISBN: 1402006497;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

This book introduces heterogeneous information exchange as related to organizational hubs and provides new directions and challenges for various other topics, including knowledge management and web information management. It presents ongoing developmentsin formal and experimental work and extended examples help the reader to understand underlying concepts and the difficulties with applications. The book is divided into three major parts: + Part I -- Heterogeneous Database Integration: Concepts and Strategies, which deals with developing architectures and techniques for integrating schemas and data; + Part II -- Data Warehousing: Models and Architectures, which develops new and different data warehouse architectures such as multidimensional databases with related management and querying tools; and + Part III -- Sharing Information and Knowledge, which concerns knowledge management, use of standards, information mining systems, and web information management. The well...