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Fergus O'Connell

How to Run Successful High-Tech Project-Based Organizations

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ISBN: 1580530109
Издательство: Artech House Publishers
This new book offers you practical, real-world steps to creating a Structured Project Management (SPM) system throughout your organization. Based on the ten steps in best-selling author Fergus O?Connell?s previous book, How to Run Successful Projects, this book expands on that concept in order to keep today?s high-tech companies competitive, on budget, and on schedule. Using SPM company-wide, you create a system wherein unforeseen challenges or problems occur on a localized level where they do not affect the system-wide enterprise. All project tasks are clearly described as being both unique and part of a larger scheme, giving definition and a sense of importance to individuals, departments, divisions, and an entire company. This approach aligns an organization?s strategic goals and daily operations along a single path. Offering real-world examples and practical, immediate lessons, How to Run Successful High-Tech Project-Based Organizations is a dynamic tool for business leaders,...