Обложка книги How to Run Successful Projects in Web Time

How to Run Successful Projects in Web Time

ISBN: 1580531652;
Издательство: Artech House Publishers

No matter what high-tech field you work in, but particularly in software development, shortening project time is of vital importance in gaining a competitive advantage. Here's the how-to book that describes a radical technique for doing just that. Takingan approach adopted from the motion picture industry, this innovative resource teaches you how to utilize techniques, such as "strip boarding" that greatly reduce project time and cost. From identifying project boundaries, calculating the reward of projects completed early, and building Work Breakdown Structures to conducting risk analysis, monitoring and controlling a plan, and selling a plan to the powers that be, this book will help you cut project time while improving effectiveness. The book includes a fully-worked, industrial-strength example of the planning and execution of a software project, using the techniques described.

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