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Simon Bell, Trevor Wood-Harper, A. T. Wood-Harper

How to Set Up Information Systems: A Non-Specialist's Guide to the Multiview Approach

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ISBN: 1853839574
Издательство: Earthscan Publications
A spectacular dialogue of the deaf has been on going for many years. Information systems are as misunderstood today as they have been for a decade. The designers who make them, the managers who commission them and the stakeholders who use them consistently fail to communicate with each other resulting in the inevitable plethora of systems failures which appear in the media every week. This book seeks to address the key problem of transforming organizational need into information systems delivery. Using understandable language, real world examples and user-focused tools and techniques it aims to deliver sustainable information systems in even the most complex contexts. This is important reading for all concerned with making information systems sustainable, especially professionals in IT. It should also be of interest to environment and development organizations, business schools and software developers.