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Reid Shay

Impacting Business: A Simple Model of IT Management

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ISBN: 0972983163
Издательство: Managebright
Book DescriptionUnderstand what managing information technology means, why you need to do it well, and how best to do it. If you manage information technology, or work with people that do, you need to understand the management process. IT Management is complex, so what is needed is a clear, logical approach to the subject. This book provides that approach. Build your knowledge of IT Management and its relationship with the rest of IT and the business. Understand how economic fundamentals impact the management of IT and how this forms the basis of the IT/business relationship. Learn what motivates IT people and their business customers. Use this information to manage better. Use the Simple IT Management Model to put the IT process intofocus. Understand problem and change management. Find out how to choose the best IT Management tools.
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