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Chris F. Kemerer, Chris L. Kemerer

Information Technology and Industrial Competitiveness: How It Shapes Competition

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ISBN: 0792380207
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Information Technology (IT) -- the field that links computer and communications equipment and software -- is transforming the way modern business is done. Examples of factors leading these changes are: rapidly decreasing costs of computer hardware, government de-regulation, accelerating global competitiveness, an increasing management awareness, and the knowledge of how to employ Information Technology successfully. These have all led to the increase of IT's effects on existing markets, and, in the process, are creating entirely new markets. This book explores a variety of advances in IT by a group of researchers who are at the cutting edge of this research. Moreover, the book examines these innovative developments in terms of the Information Technology field and its effect on modern business. It is becoming increasingly apparent that IT is critical to success in today's competitive marketplace. As a result, this book examines a host of emerging effects at work in these developments...
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