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Knowledge Management and its Integrative Elements

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ISBN: 0849331161;
Издательство: CRC Press

Knowledge: In the realm of knowledge management, information plus wisdom equals knowledge. Organizations have found that the knowledge they contain can be one of their most important competitive weaponsDefinition:Knowledge management: The ability of an organization to manage, store, value, and distribute knowledge. Some organizations have created the position of Chief Knowledge Manager (CKM) to handle knowledge management responsibilitiesMany organizations fail to effectively manage and use the most important competitive edge they possess - their knowledge and "intellectual capital." This book covers the entire growing field of knowledge management, with particular emphasis on knowledge-based systems and their use in preserving knowledge in an organization, and integrating it across departments and disciplines.This hands-on guide shows how businesses and other organizations can re-engineer their processes using an applied knowledge-based approach. Each chapter introduces a different...

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